Sell your home

Get a fair, fast, and hassle-free offer for your home.

If your house meets our criteria, you will receive a guaranteed offer from us within 48 hours after we view the property.
You will receive a fair cash offer and a closing date of 45 days or sooner. We can also accommodate a later closing if you need time to get your affairs in order.

The offer will not be contingent on a home inspection and it will not be contingent on obtaining a mortgage. Traditionally, it is typical for a home buyer to hire a professional home inspector. The purpose of these inspectors is to look for defects and repair issues, which the buyer usually uses to get the seller to make concessions in the sale price and/or costly repairs. Our initial offer is a firm cash offer not contingent on any inspection.

Also, normally home buyers will need to apply for a mortgage which means they will not be able to purchase the home without a loan. This loan is normally subject to an appraisal, an underwriter’s approval, the buyer’s credit score, income and asset verification, and possibly other conditions which can derail the sale. Often, these loans get rejected weeks after the initial offer and sometimes only days prior to the closing. In these cases, sellers often find themselves with no other option than to start the sale process all over again.

Again, our offers are made in cash avoiding all these problems and contingencies. Our offer will be to buy your house “AS IS”. You will not need to make any repairs or even clean out the house prior to the closing. Just pack up valuables and belongings and we will dispose of anything that remains after the closing. Our process will save you time and money.

We are not wholesalers or middlemen. Our company purchases these homes directly with the purpose of renovating them. Beware. Quite often, so-called “cash investors” will lock you into a sales contract with the purpose of selling this contract to end buyers like us or other investors and rehabbers.

One more advantage. You will not have to pay any realtor commissions, which will save you thousands of dollars.

Lastly, rest assured our process is discrete and confidential.