About Us

Alren Capital’s footprint is defined by its quality properties and its reputation for integrity, performance, and accountability. Our team combines a mix of entrepreneurial spirit with broad real estate experience. Alren Capital has created a distinctive portfolio of residential and rental properties, each offering a distinct combination of location, value, and quality. Alren Capital has succeeded in a wide spectrum of real estate projects by applying our in-house capabilities integrating our development, acquisition, leasing, construction, and property management expertise.


Alren Capital is dedicated to providing quality affordable housing solutions in major New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas.

From the start, Alren Capital’s vision has been to develop superior residential properties and to provide exceptional value to all our stakeholders – from our tenants to buyers, investors, brokers, and the community at large. At its core, Alren Capital is committed to creating an environment that attracts, incentivizes, and supports the most capable and conscientious employees, where the highest standards are maintained, and where people are inspired to be the best version of themselves and to provide quality service to our customers.

In short, we strive to do well by doing good.