One of the secret ingredients for Alren Capital’s success is the ability to identify opportunities and quickly apply our strict vetting process to submit offers quickly. The purchase price of a property is just one component of the sales transaction. Many buyers may offer a high offer for a property. But they are unable to close that offer becomes worthless and worse yet, it wasted everyone’s time, money, and effort. At Alren Capital, we pride ourselves in only making offers on properties that meet our strict underwriting guidelines and then being able to follow through on the closing. Our in-depth knowledge of the state of New Jersey, our strong relationships with the brokerage community and other property owners enable us to have a continuous deal flow that keeps our team fully engaged and our investors happy. Our due diligence process and feasibility analysis enable us to quickly assess, vet, and close on opportunities as they come.

Our company’s strong financial management combined with our solid capitalization, backed by our investors and our long-standing lender relationships is also another important component to all our acquisitions. Since 2018, Alren Capital has completed more than 50 acquisitions, using its expertise, talent, and know-how to creatively reposition and enhance the value of these acquisitions.