All-around excellence

Look around you. Look around your circle of friends, acquaintances, and within your family. If you are like me, you may know people that have varying degrees of success – a rich uncle, a friend that’s in incredible shape, or a married couple that is deeply connected and that are still in love after 50 years. Or on the flip side, there may be an uncle that’s morbidly obese, you may know someone that is broke, or maybe a couple that is going through a bitter divorce.

There often is a pattern that occurs with unsuccessful people. People that are financially broke, tend to be unhealthy mentally and physically. Being poor is draining and stressful. It’s easy to be depressed if you are not in the best physical shape.

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How do Apartment Building Investors Get Paid

As we’ve discussed in other articles, when purchasing apartment buildings, there is normally two types of partners involved:

  • A general partner or partners (syndicators)
  • Limited partners (investors)

There is a variety of structures on how limited partners can get paid. Some of these are:

  • A fixed preferred return
  • A share of the profits from the rents and the sale of the building
  • A combination of the two approaches above
  • Other creative approaches

Independently of the approach chosen, there are certain metrics that each potential investor should be familiar with. Some of these are discussed in the following sections.  Continue reading “How do Apartment Building Investors Get Paid”